Bridge Bank

Promotion Period : July 1, 2024 to September 30, 2024

Chance to Win Prizes!

Special Rate offer from BRIDGE Bank when opening the fixed deposit account. Customer will received a special interest rate up to 6.50% in USD and 7.25% in KHR per annum including many other prizes such as round trip ticket or cashback up to $600 and special account number.

This promotion is offered from 1st July to 30th September  2024.

Term & Condition:

  1. Cashback for smartphone for southeast Asia flight ticket per voucher.
  2. Campaign reward is eligible for both new and existing CIF with no limit account.
  3. Bank/FI & staff eligible for campaign rate only ( No extra gift)
  4. Flight ticket eligible for countries in southeast Asia with expiry date 6 months after date of deposit to FD, Subject to booking availability. Any additional charge related to air ticket shall be born by customer.
  5. Client must advance inform 14 days prior to bank staff for air ticket arrangement.
  6. Any pre-mature withdrawal shall be subject to charge back for the gift cost.

Open your Fixed Deposit Account Now to get lots of prizes!

Please visit one of our branches nearest to you and meet our expert who will warmly welcome and guide you through the process, or contact us via 098 202 999 | 1800 202 999 |


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